“I love what you are doing on so many levels!
1. Providing products to reduce waste.
2. Providing a product for tweens/teens to help them understand their body without feeling scared.
3. Helping bridge the gap for parents and kids to have an open conversation.
4. Promoting positive body awareness.
Having taught period awareness for a number of years, those conversations are so important for our young people. Well done you!”
Kasi, Warragul
Well done on creating this box for young women! Both my daughter and I have been able to chat all things PERIOD - in a positive way! Highly recommend. Thank you again x
Jacinta D, Queensland.
This was the perfect gift for my daughter. I was unprepared when she got her period earlier than I expected - only 9 years old. The box was fun, informative and sparked fantastic conversations!
Sarah M, Melbourne.

THANK YOU for this! Everything was perfect. A fun, age-appropriate gift for my teen entering her first period. I would have been so lost without this. I have told all my friends about Little Miss Period.

Danielle R, Melbourne

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