MEDIballs Kegels

How to Use the MEDIballs Kegels?

Step One. You begin training your pelvic floor with the MEDIball Single Kegel Weight. Simply holding MEDIballs inside the vaginal passage starts resistance training, no guesswork or tricky exercises required.

Step Two. After training with the MEDIballs Single you progress to the MEDIball Double. This progression differs for everyone, on average most move to the MEDIballs Double after 2-3 months.

What is the difference between MEDIballs and other pelvic floor trainers? 

E• Class 1 medical device listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

• BPA, Plastic and Latex Free

• 100% Medical Grade Silkomed TPE

• Clinically and dermatologically tested 

• Safe, Durable and German Made

• The MEDIballs Secret method can often produce greater results than alternative products that rely on electronic vibration

Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises with MEDIballs Secret?

The beauty of MEDIballs Secret is that they do not need to be used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises. Just the use of MEDIballs Secret activates the pelvic floor muscles and encourages the development of strength. 

Can I use MEDIballs whilst pregnant?

You can use MEDIballs during pregnancy as long as you do not have any complications. Every pregnancy is unique so if you are unsure, please consult your health professional before use.

Can I use MEDIballs with an IUD? 

Yes MEDIballs is made from 100% medical grade TPE with no exposed parts so it is safe to use with the coil or IUD.

How does MEDIballs Secret improve sexual function?

MEDIballs Secret works to improve sexual function by increasing vaginal elasticity, strength and sensitivity. As the pelvic muscles strengthen, women develop greater control over their muscle response and ability to contract and control their orgasmic platform.

How will I know when to move from the Single to the Double?

Once the body grows accustomed to holding the Single for longer than a 10-30 minute period (multiple times a week) without issue, women can feel confident at this point to increase the weight to the Double MEDIballs Secret.

Is MEDIballs comfortable to wear? 

MEDIballs fits gently into the vaginal passage. added to this, the streamlined form allows for easy insertion and removal. MEDIballs’s unique design means no strings attached, so the device sits discreetly invisible within the vagina.


Hello Cups

Is the Hello Cup™ easy to use? 

Yes! While some people get the hang of them straight away, for others it may take a bit of practice – in the same way tampons take a bit of practice the first time around. Once you've got the hang of it you'll find your Hello Cup™ is super easy to use. 

It is recommend to use a shallow punchdown fold as the best fold for the Hello Cups™. Because the rim is internal, we do not tend to recommend the c fold which some other menstrual cup brands suggest as it can result in your Hello Cup™ staying folded. 

Once inserted, give your Hello Cup™ cup a gentle tug to help it form a seal.

Sometimes first-time users like to try inserting it in the shower. The water helps with the lubrication and you don't have to worry about any mess. You can also use water-based lubricants if needed.

What is the best fold to use with my Hello Cup™?

 It is strongly recommend that you use a shallow punchdown fold with your Hello Cup™ - and when we say 'shallow', we mean it! Try to make sure the fold doesn't go too far past the 'hello.' logo on the side of your cup. If the fold is too deep, it can stay folded - which isn't the aim of the game! To do a shallow punchdown fold push a small indent into one side of the cup – push in then scoop it backwards. You should have a spout at one end and the other side should have a fold that begins half way up the cup, starting near the 'hello' lettering. The shallower the fold, the easier you will find your Hello Cup™ opens. It can be fiddly to begin with, but once you've got the hang of it, you won't look back!

How do I insert my Hello Cup™?

Wash your hands. Fold your Hello Cup™ using the shallow punchdown fold (see above). Keep the fold pinched and insert the pointy end first in a scooping motion.  

Angle the cup towards your spine and let go of the fold once you can feel your fingers are just inside the vagina entrance. 

Aim to have the end of the toggle sitting about 1cm inside the vagina entrance. Watch the cute insertion video here

How do I remove my Hello Cup™? 

Place your fingers on the grip ring and squeeze the base of your Hello Cup™ menstrual cup to break the suction. Gently pull your menstrual cup down. Some find removing their cup on a slight angle is more comfortable, so that one "side" is removed before the other.

Ideally your cup will come out upright. This means it will be a mess-free experience. Tip the contents down the loo, rinse with cold water and reinsert. If you are not near a tap, it is fine to wipe your menstrual cup with toilet paper and reinsert. 

For extra cleanliness, you can wash with Hello™ Wash and/or spray with the Hello™ Go Sterilising Spray before reinserting.

Check out the removal video here!

How do I avoid leaks?

As long as your Hello Cup™ is the right size, is inserted correctly and emptied when needed, it shouldn't leak. However, like tampons, leaks can happen from time to time – especially if your cup hasn't opened out properly. Some users chose to wear a Hello Liner™ as a backup buddy while they get used to cup life, but most find cups to be far more reliable than tampons. If you feel you've done everything and your cup is still leaking – it may well be a sign it's too big (if there's not enough room for a cup to unfold it can stay folded), the 'punch' of your punchdown fold needs to be shallower or you need to tweak the angle you are inserting your cup on.

How often do you empty menstrual cups?

Way less than you would have to with tampons – but everyone's flow is different.

On heavy days you might need to empty your Hello Cup™ up to four times a day but later in your cycle you will likely find you only need to take it out once a day. It is not recommended you leave your Hello Cup™ in for more than 12 hours – ideally you should empty it every 8 hours. You can wear your Hello Cup™ overnight as well as while swimming and exercising.

How do I clean my Hello Cup™? 

You only need to sterilise your Hello Cup™ before you use it for the first time and at the end of each cycle. After removing your Hello Cup™, empty it and rinse with cold water. Cold water helps prevent stains from setting in. Clean your cup with Hello.™ Wash and rinse. 

If you're not near a sink, it's fine to simply empty the contents of your cup into the loo, wipe your Hello Cup™ out with toilet paper and reinsert.

For extra cleanliness, It is recommended using the  Hello Go™ hand and cup sterilising spray before reinserting. Just spray your cup and let it dry (takes a few seconds). This protects your cup from any bacteria (you can use it on your hands too!).

While you can leave your Hello Cup in for up to 12 hours, we recommend changing it every 8 hours if you can. If you are travelling in countries where tap water is not safe to drink, we recommend rinsing your Hello Cup™ with bottled water or using our Hello Go™ sanitising cup and hand spray.

At the end of your period, wash with Hello.™ Wash and sterilise your cup before you put it away. We recommend popping your clean Hello Cup™ into a full pot of water (try the whisk hack!) and boil for at least for 3 minutes (use a timer so that it doesn't boil dry!). You can also soak your Hello Cup™ for 15 minutes in a glass of cold water containing 1/4 sterilising tablet (Milton is the most common brand and is available in most Australasian supermarkets and pharmacies). Do not leave your cup soaking for longer than 15 minutes as this may damage the cup. If you want to sterilise your menstrual cup in a microwave steamer or UV steriliser, follow the manufacturer's instructions for menstrual cups or baby bottle teats. 

Make sure your Hello Cup is fully dry before you store it.

Can I use a Hello Cup with an IUD in?

While you can use a menstrual cup when you have an IUD, studies suggest there may be an increased risk of dislodging your IUD. It is a personal choice and we recommend that you talk to your doctor in advance. If you want to use your cup while your IUD is in, It is recommended to wait three months after your IUD has been inserted (to allow it to settle in). It's also a good idea to get your strings cut. Always make sure you break the suction fully before you start removing your cup. If you have an IUD, you could also look to try our Hello Disc™ which does not need suction to stay in place.

Can I use my Hello Cup™ overnight? 

Yes you can! Hello Cups™ can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time so they are perfect for overnight. It can be a good idea to back your cup up overnight for the first few times to be sure that you have nailed the no leak life.

Can I use my Hello Cup™ swimming?

Yes you can! Because your Hello Cup is worn internally and forms a seal, there is no way for the blood to escape. Woohoo!